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I have been working in the advertising industry for over 30 years as a Commercial Screen Editor.

I have worked on campaigns for a wide range of clients such as Coca-Cola, Ford, Qantas, Virgin,

NRL, Heineken, NRMA and Telstra to name a few.


In the past I have owned Post Production companies and have employed up to 45 staff at any one time. My understanding of film and the industry is nothing less than what you would expect from someone with over 30 years experience. 


A few years ago I recognised the evolution that was taking place in the advertising industry and the ever increasing pressure on budgets and the pending explosion in video content so I concentrated my efforts on finding a way where I can take my experience and offer myself as an end to end video production package with Direction, Camera and Post production. 


Over the years I have always felt a strong affinity with the art of story telling. As an editor it was story telling that excited me. 

Every business, small or large has it's own unique story to tell or message to broadcast. It is now easier than ever to communicate and video is the most effective way to reach out across multiple platforms to a broad or targeted audience. 

This is why I'm now committed to producing quality content, that understands it's audience and knows how to engage them.



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